In order for all guests to fully enjoy their Temptation Miches Resort experience, we ask you to respect the following Temptation Playground rules:

  • For the comfort of all guests, we ask that you use the appropriate attire in all dining facilities.
  • Due to the unique concept of our resort, we ask that when taking photos and/or video, you only do selfies and close-ups for personal use, no wide angles.
  • Please treat other Temptationers with utmost respect. We don’t want to have to give anyone a time-out!
  • After midnight, please keep the noise level to a minimum in the hotel’s corridors.
  • At Temptation we have created an open-minded atmosphere, but the use of drugs is not allowed.
  • All staff members, Original affiliates, brand representatives, and any person in a commercial relationship with the resort or Original Group, are strictly forbidden to interact intimately or drink with guests, their incurrence could cause their immediate dismissal and/or termination of their contract with the company.
  • Explicit sexual activities are not allowed in any of the public areas.
  • The resort is not responsible for lost items left outside of the safety deposit box located in your room.