This September will be filled with four funtastic theme weekends from which to pick. Temptation is an addiction you won’t be able to kick!

What are some of the undeniable addictions on our awesome adults-only playground? A fun non-stop party atmosphere everywhere, daring daytime playtime, sexy theme nights, topless-optional areas, and exciting entertainment led by our provocative Playmakers.



Four funtastic weekends to choose from. Which will create a new addiction for you?

Sept. 2 & 3

Chocolate makes everything better, it’s silky and sweet and when heated it converts into a smooth and sexy treat. This theme will convert our playground into a chocolate lover's dream which is sure to be extreme. For sure you’ll be begging for s’more.

Friday, Sept. 2
Daytime: choco massage, truffle cooking class, couples’ chocolate body shots, chocolate statue happening.
Evening: Burning Land theme night, show, chocolate statues, Playmaker happening.

Saturday, Sept. 3
Daytime: chocolate cocktail class, couples’ body paint tasting, naked tequila volleyball, chocolate & drinks wow moment, ladies’ chocolate wrestling, The Rock Playmaker happening.
Evening: Foamy Neon Night, Playmakers happening.

Sept. 9 & 10

This “beary” weekend guarantees sweet treats galore, including everything your candy-licious mind could possibly crave and so much more. Set your sexy soul free during this new sensational theme that is not only gummy but oh so yummy.

Friday, Sept. 9
Daytime: gummy bear race, gummy body shots challenge, ladies Jell-O wrestling, fantasy Playmaker happening, DJ, go-go dancers, Be My Fantasy.
Evening: Burning Land theme night, karaoke, special Playmaker happening.

Saturday, Sept. 10
Daytime: fantasy couples massage, lifesavers gummy catch, wild naked tequila volleyball, beer drinking contest, gummy pool party, go-go dancers.
Evening: Foamy Neon Night, neon beach volleyball, Playmaker happening, group YMCA dance.

Sept. 16 & 17

Chile, mole, and pozole, is how Temptation will be rolling this Fest – Mex Weekend. Fun, food, non-stop party and more is just a taste of what’s in store as we show temptationers how to play the Mexican way!

Friday, Sept. 16
Daytime: skyway meditation, merengue dance class, micheladas cocktail class, beer relay race, belly flop competition, floreador happening, Mexican lottery.
Evening: Burning Land theme night, Anything Goes game show, Playmaker happening.

Saturday, Sept. 17
Daytime: Mayan sensory ritual, salsa class, Mexican dance class, naked tequila volleyball, Aztec body painting, drinking competition, quebradita happening, beer Jenga.
Evening: Foamy Neon Night, neon beach volleyball, Playmaker happening, group YMCA dance.

Sept. 23 & 24

If you thrive off adrenaline with a need for speed, and want to be reminded of what it feels like to be alive, our sexy nitro weekend is for you. All tempetationer please report for duty; welcome to the danger zone!

Friday, Sept. 23
Daytime: speed-sanity class, beer relay race, nitro fueled flop competition, sexy turbo twister, nitro darts.
Evening: Burning Land theme night, anything goes game show, Playmaker happening.

Saturday, Sept. 24
Daytime: high power class, fusion tribal class, musical trivia, wild naked tequila volleyball, F1 face painting, Fast & Drinkers competition.
Evening: Foamy Neon Night, neon beach volleyball, Playmaker happening, speedway foam party, group YMCA dance.

During Temptation Addiction Month, our regularly scheduled theme nights will remain the same. Remember, Bash is the stage for nighttime fun and a dash of sexy roleplay.
Pool parties are always more fun when you add foam! It´s time get wet and go wild as we have the time of our lives making a splash while having a blast.
One of the most essential elements of an amazing party is music. Get ready for some mad melodies as our DJs and live music get you on your feet moving to the beats.
For those who love to show off their athletic abilities, we have the perfect selection of activities. We have beach volleyball, tequila volleyball, nighttime neon beach volleyball, a variety of exercise classes, kayak tours, aqua-aerobics, and more!
We love daring temptationers to be different and step out of the box with our spicy adult contests and competitions that will make your temperature rise from warm to hot.
Going topless has never been so tempting! Enjoy our designated topless-optional pools, jacuzzi, and beautiful beach to experience freedom like never before.
All those who enter Temptation as guests leave as friends, and friends become our chosen family. We look forward to welcoming you home.
Join Temptation Social today and let’s play in a virtual way. We have added a sexy side to social media by providing a private, online, social playground for grown-ups, where you can connect, follow, and share experiences.


When you visit our Temptation Addiction Month photo gallery, you’ll see nothing is sexier than September adventures where each year we create experiences temptationers will remember forever. Here’s a visual of what makes this special event so addictive.


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