FEBRUARY 11 – 16, 2023


This 2023, we lived the most temptastic cruise in our company’s history! It began with record-time boarding and an unparalleled atmosphere that was contagious throughout the port.

The night prior to our departure, a select group of passengers gathered at our infamous “meet & greet”, where we enjoyed the incomparable view of the city of Miami, while our resident DJ, Mauro MC, gave us a teaser of what we would enjoy during the cruise, leaving us longing for even more of his music and beats.  

The next day, our 1,900 passengers began to arrive at the port; you could feel an excitement in the air beyond compare. Familiar faces, new faces, partners, and friends began to board, eager to begin our adventure together. 

As scheduled, Mario, our cruise director, in the company of Silvina and the 2023 team, gave the signal that it was time to set sail. The pools were already full, and the passengers ready to have fun. Once we set sail, the freedom of our topless-optional areas took over the ship. Neighboring ships had quite a show, and we don’t doubt that some will join us in 2024. 

Our tour around the Caribbean began with exceptional weather and calm waters. On our approach into George Town, the current prevented us from reaching the port. With a quick reorganization of our program, and the participation of our headliner DJs, we overcame the adversity quickly. DJ Tatiana, DJ Encore, DJ Kyd Wicked, and Steve Smooth, kept us dancing non-stop and showed us throughout each presentation why they pack every venue in which they perform. 

The days and nights of partying got better and better as we progressed on our adventure. The playroom was an enormous success, with its new location to offer more space and comfort. The new sexperts took our passengers to that climax that can only be experienced on a Temptation Caribbean Cruise.

Temptation Cruises would like to say thanks, none of this would be possible without you. Onboard you’re the star, you’re the headliner; so, don’t forget to join us in 2024 to reignite the sexiest party in the Caribbean. 

Until next time!